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Compression Therapy

Body Awareness' compression therapy allows athletes to recover more quickly with compression wear designed specifically for wear during and after recovery.

Compression was first introduced in the 1940s, when a physician noticed that his patients who'd had blood transfusions had less bruising and swelling than other patients. It wasn't until 1970 that a medical doctor took the idea seriously and developed an inflatable suit for himself. It was noted that he recovered faster from workouts. This led to further research that showed that compression increased blood flow, reduced swelling, and increased oxygenation of muscles.

Wanting to share this technology with other athletes, Body Awareness has compression garments for specific sport recovery needs.

Each compression garment is worn after athletic activity or physical exertion.

We offer compression for hips, legs and arms as well as freeze sleeves that each enhance the body's natural healing process through increased circulation, reduced swelling and muscle breakdown, improved oxygenation, increasing the effectiveness of resistance training and all types of recovery.

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