Personal Fitness + Diet Coaching

Coaching with Body Awareness Performance + Therapy is all about YOU and YOUR goals. Whether Fitness- or Diet-related, we have a plan to help you live your best life. Learn about what makes us tick and why you should let us coach you.

Our Coaching has four levels or parts depending on your desired investment and goals:

Initial Consultation (Required for All):

  • Basic Health Screening Assessment/Health History
  • Fitness goals
  • Expectations for fitness prescription
  • Recommended fitness assessment (aerobic, muscle endurance, body comp)
  • Includes initial diet discussion for those interested in nutrition coaching and/or fat loss

Initial Consultation Collaboration (Includes above plus):

  • Includes Athletic Trainer tools: assessments/discussions about previous injuries/rehab/prehab/etc.


Ideal for the client who feels confident in working out on their own by following a plan & checking-in with questions & progress

  • Initial Consult (Collaboration w/Athletic Trainer if appropriate) & Fitness Assessments
  • Personalized workout prescription based on current fitness, goals, schedule, equipment
  • In-person individual session to review exercise prescription including performing each exercise & movement for safety & confidence 
  • Weekly coaching check-ins via phone, email, etc.
  • Updated personalized workout prescription every 4 weeks to maximize progression


Ideal for the client who wants the additional accountability of personalized fitness sessions; clients at level two will still be best served by following additional workouts outside of training sessions

  • All Level One services plus optional weekly personal training sessions of 30-minutes (max 2 sessions/week) 


Ideal for clients who have goals related to fat loss including dietary changes  

  • All Level One services
  • Includes coaching for dietary changes; weekly goals, nutrition support, & access to PN online tools
  • Includes weekly check-ins with diet goals

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