Why choose Coaching with Body Awareness

We believe that a fit body is a healthy body. We also believe that “fit” comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. We believe that fit bodies are defined by the individual, and that small changes make a big difference in our health and our lives.

At Body Awareness Performance + Therapy, we are passionate about helping clients move better and live better. Our coaching programs are designed to help people be active and reach their wellness goals, whatever they may be. Our coaching services are geared toward adults who want to improve their fitness without dedicating their whole life to workouts or meal plans.

At Body Awareness Performance + Therapy, coaching is our passion. We believe that exercise improves every aspect of life: physical, mental, and emotional. We also believe that exercise should be enjoyable, and that activity and healthy eating should fit into your life, not dictate your life. Statistics tell us that 80% of American adults don’t exercise at the level research tells us we need for good health. And we know why…

Maybe you struggle to make time: juggling work, family, chores, and everything else; exercise can feel like the last thing you have time for. We can help: Our workouts are personally designed for you based on your schedule and time available. Only have 15 minutes? Cool, we can work with that. We also help clients to find more time for exercise. We haven’t found a way to add an extra hour to the day, but we’re close.

Maybe you’ve exercised before, but it didn’t work out. Maybe you were an athlete in your youth, or an avid runner. Maybe you spent a few weeks or months following an exercise plan but didn’t see results or got burned out. We can help: Our coaches are actual people who work with you to create a plan for you. We don’t offer cookie cutter plans. We don’t exercise you to death. We don’t have an app. We work together to define your fitness success.

Maybe you don’t know where to start. The media, magazines, and social media stars make it look oh so easy to get amazing results in just 30 days, but it’s just not that easy. We can help: Our coaching services are designed to be simple yet effective. We work on the fundamentals of fitness (and eating) because they work. Once you learn the fundamentals, the sky is the limit.

Maybe you are overweight or have a health condition. More than 70% of American adults are overweight or obese, millions of people have chronic conditions that impact their health. We can help: We’ve actually been there. We’ve been overweight, we’ve struggled with chronic conditions. Don’t tell the others, but folks like you are our favorites, because we’ve been where you are. Trust us.

Body Awareness Coaching offers a wide variety of services because people have a wide variety of needs. From a single session to help you get started, to individual coaching a few times a week, our services are designed to support you. We don’t have an app. We don’t have an online program (but hey, we do use email). We offer in-person and personalized coaching to help you be successful, whether that’s losing weight, running a 5K, or playing with your grandkids.

Get started with us. We’re excited for the journey.