Extensive studies have shown Cryotherapy –

  • Reduces inflammation to help relieve pain including chronic pain, arthritis and migraines

  • Boosts blood circulation for higher metabolic and calorie-burn rate (500-800 calories – equivalent to a 45-minute run)

  • Increases the level of endorphins, which can elevate mood, energy levels and reduce stress

  • Increases collagen production to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and reveal a youthful glow

  • Reduces cellulite and increases production of brown fat (the good stuff!)

And it does ALL of that in just three minutes.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a three-minute session that exposes the entire body to extreme temperatures as low as -140ºC (-220ºF). Short time, massive benefits — as each Cryotherapy session promotes your body’s recovery, performance, and wellness.